Commercial strategy

Do you know where your existing growth is coming from? Do you know where your future growth is going to come from?

We often hear companies say that a commercial strategy is merely the combination of a vision and a plan. We believe strategy is more than just making a plan. It is about designing the future you want and building individual engagement around your growth plan. A movement where everyone knows how to contribute and collaborate across the commercial organisation to achieve the common goal. Only then can companies turn their commercial ambitions into real-life results.

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Commercial strategy

We all have a pretty good idea of where our existing growth comes from and what building blocks we have used to get there. However, time and time again we see our clients expecting to achieve double-digit growth in the future, without having an actionable answer for how to achieve such growth.

Designing for growth

A commercial strategy is a decision-making process. It is the answer to five simple questions:

  1. What is our winning aspiration? Commercial strategy is like a puzzle, and you need to know what your vision and aspiration is, so you know what level of financial growth you are striving for.
  2. Where will we play? Start by co-creating a firm market game board and use that to make critical growth choices about what to do and what not to do: which markets will you play in, who are you serving and with what products and services. Then ensure that those key choices are translated into a financial reserve to ensure you can achieve your future growth aspiration.
  3. How will we win? How will we position ourselves optimally in the chosen playing field to differentiate ourselves and win over customers? With what value proposition and what business model design?
  4. What capabilities must be in place to ensure that the right people are equipped with the needed tools and the capabilities to make the change happen?
  5. What management systems are required? In other words, how do we design our operating model to support our growth, and how do we track performance?

All these steps – nothing more and nothing less – will truly enable you to achieve sustainable commercial growth that is fit for humans and fit for the future.

How are leading organisations designing and implementing commercial strategies to accelerate growth?

In our experience, the companies that are most successful in designing and implementing commercial growth strategies have some things in common.

  • They always start with outside-in customer insights and use this as a foundation for decision-making. They dare to ask questions instead of building new solutions based on outdated assumptions. They turn real people’s real needs into new business opportunities.
  • They facilitate strategy as a co-creation process. They engage stakeholders while developing growth options and they consider how to make the company’s growth journey a movement for everyone at the company to rally around.
  • They focus on actionable commercial choices. They know that financial goals do not drive change – people who change behaviour and work in new ways do. This is why they are obsessed with understanding the implications of their growth choices and the specific commercial behaviours that will drive real change.
  • And they test and calibrate the commercial system. Meaning once they have decided on their growth bets, they consider what implications this has on their customer experience, value proposition and portfolio, go-to-market model and channel choices, and their operating model and capabilities.

How we have supported clients within commercial strategy

Commercial Strategy and GTM model

A leading consumer electronics company identified six priority markets in Europe which they were intent on winning. Implement supported them in defining a win-a-market blueprint, which outlined the growth choices the market teams needed to create and make in order to turn their commercial ambitions into real life results.

Identified growth options of 100M GBP sales (5X today).

Achieved 136 sell out index (within 6 months).
Scope: Global (Prototype within one market).

Growing the Core

A Nordic female clothes producer was facing challenges during COVID-19. Implement helped develop a commercial strategy. Key initiatives were identified focusing on accelerating the on-line sales channel, establishing own physical outlet store – to be used as a show room, increasing prices for specific market segments and growing specific countries.

Identified key initiatives to enable 100% growth within 3 years.

Scope: Nordics

Commercial Turnaround

The client is a global ingredients producer and regional market leader in China, which was losing market share. Implement helped establish and drive the process, facilitating and challenging on all relevant strategic dimensions, ensuring a clear strategy to turn around the business, with full ownership.
Top line growth went from a drop of +30% YOY to a +40% growth over 18 month.

20% annual increase in sales.

Scope: China

New Market Offering

The business division, Renewables, of an offshore facility services provider had tried for years to get a new service partnering offering established. Implement supported establishing a stringent process to determine whether this was a good idea, and what this would look like in terms of market segments, value proposition and business model. 

Aspiration to grow business topline from DKK100m to DKK300m in 3 years.

Scope: Nordics

Strategy Redesign Process

A leading alcohol beverage company wanted to address identified strategic fields and start a Strategy Re-Design Process to shape the future of the business. Implement designed a new strategy process with the client, which combined analytics and creativity, aspiration and experimentation, and earnings and learnings.

Project ongoing.

Scope: Global

Commercial Strategic Activities

A leading pharma company was looking for support to prioritise commercial strategic activities: Determine financial targets, define a gameboard prioritising key customers and products, design the right value proposition, decide the right way of selling and agree on the needed competences and organisational setup to deliver on the prioritised customers.

Enabled management to have clear and unified perspective on commercial activities and resource allocation.

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