Commercial Growth

Organic growth is the oxygen of organisations

It is the proof that we keep a faster pace of change and innovation than the competition. Yet successful growth is not a “happy accident”. You need to design for it. It is a systemic capability that requires the right processes, systems and culture to support it. Only then can companies turn their commercial ambitions into real-life results.

Growth during turbulent times
How to build and sustain a growth engine in times of uncertainty. 
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Most companies reach a stage where organic growth is no longer sustainable

A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review* covering 8,000 businesses, revealed that 3 out of 4 large companies (over USD 500M in revenue) will face stalled growth over a 15-year period. And they usually don’t see it coming. Growth does not decrease gradually; it drops violently from one year to the next.

The fascinating thing is that the reasons for this stalled growth are predominantly strategic and organisational and well within management’s control. The top issues behind growth stagnation are:

  • Losing touch with customers
  • Internal dysfunction

*Sources: Reigniting Growth, Harvard Business Review – study of 8,000 businesses; When Growth Stalls, Harvard Business Review

Re-igniting growth can be challenging

Key challenges our customers face

  • How do we accelerate growth?
  • How do we ensure our growth is sustainable?
  • How do we make digitalisation a growth driver?
  • How do we get closer to our customers?
  • How do we structure ourselves for growth?
  • How do we attract and build the required capabilities and unlock the potential of our commercial teams?
  • How do we ensure lasting impact from our growth transformations?

Businesses are rejecting tired formulas of the past and looking for a new way to design for growth

We believe that navigating commercial growth requires the right configuration of your commercial strategy, customer experience, value proposition, go to market and operating model.

The Growth Diamond

Successful growth is not a “happy accident"

A series of interrelated choices to accelerate sustainable growth

The Growth Diamond helps link a company’s strategic focus with their commercial engine, hereby enabling you to identify, design and achieve sustainable commercial growth that is fit for humans and fit for the future.

How we have supported clients with commercial growth challenges

Commercial Strategy and GTM model

Commercial strategy

A leading consumer electronics company identified six priority markets in Europe which they were intent on winning. Implement supported them in defining a win-a-market blueprint, which outlined the growth choices the market teams needed to create and make in order to turn their commercial ambitions into real life results.

Identified growth options of 100M GBP sales (5X today)

Achieved 136 sell out index (within 6 months)

Commercial Strategy Redesign Process

Commercial strategy

A leading alcohol beverage company wanted to address identified strategic fields and start a Strategy Re-Design Process to shape the future of the business. Implement designed a new commercial strategy process with the client that combined both analytics and creativity, aspiration and experimentation, and earnings and learnings.

Project ongoing

End-2-End CX Optimisation

Customers & CX

Helped a payment company optimise processes and improve customer experience by conducting design and customer journey workshops while evaluating internal processes and customer experiences.

Catalogue of +30 initiatives to reduce lead time by 25% and a new setup for business process ownership

Value Proposition Development

Value Proposition & Portfolio

As part of growth strategy, several new differentiators were identified with the purpose of increasing the win rate on global tenders. The differentiators were clearly proving a superior customer value, which was communicated as part of RFP’s.

Increase of win rate from 23% to 45% on global tenders

Commercial strategy and omni-model

Go to market & Channel

The client was experiencing growth challenges and was behind with respect to customer’s needs fulfilment compared to competition. Implement helped design the commercial strategy and an omni-channel business model and go-to-market model for online, physical stores and social media – creating the right match between products, customers, markets and channels.

+23 million new customers, 29% increase in sales

Marketing Transformation

Growth Operating Model

A leading renewable materials company had high expectations of the marketing function of the future. Implement supported the design of their Way of Marketing and a clear marketing process and developed a full marketing academy which was rolled out to all marketeers across six divisions.

Trained 40+ individuals across six divisions

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