CAPEX Procurement

CAPEX Procurement is most often a long-term, high value and high risk undertaking that requires best-in-class expertise. 

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Christian Romer Vingtoft

Community Owners

In Implement, we want to break away from old and flawed ways of procuring assets that so many times have led to a trail of scandals. We have developed market-adapted approaches to CAPEX procurement that de-risk the programme and ensure robust and sustainable lifetime solutions.

Commercial adviser in CAPEX procurement

The consultants in our expert team have been involved in some of the most high-profile CAPEX programmes in Scandinavia over the past years. We deliver advisory to major CAPEX programmes throughout their entire life cycle, whether it being in the initial strategy phase, the procurement phase, the construction/build phase or during operational life of the asset.

In the role as commercial adviser, we act as a trusted adviser to the asset owner and/or procuring authority in collaboration with other external technical and legal advisers.

Our commercial adviser services include:

  • Programme management
  • Risk management
  • Business case management, incl. investment and life-cycle costing (LCC)
  • Commercial optimisation and cost-out
  • Specification and requirements management
  • Procurement, tendering, evaluating and contracting
  • Market investigation
  • Negotiating excellence
  • Maintenance and support solutions
  • Strategic partnering arrangements and performance-based contracting
  • Contract and performance management
  • External quality assurance and independent reviews
  • “Supply-side” bid support

We work either “buy-side” or “supply-side” based on the situation and have experience and expertise in the following sectors:

  • Offshore – windfarms and other offshore assets
  • Transportation – trains, tramway systems and rail infrastructure
  • Defence – sea, air and land platforms
  • Construction – major infrastructure projects
  • Ports – ports and port equipment