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Your people are the biggest assets in improving your business and operations​

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Is your business able to adapt to the constantly changing customer needs and serve those needs in an efficient way? Have you designed your business and operations such that it enables your people to deliver outstanding customer value?​

What you are looking for is the result of an organisation truly customer- and people-centric in its way of operating. For you to benefit from productivity and high cost-efficiency, high quality and improved customer delivery lead times, the road starts with you focusing on the people in the centre of your business and operations. At the end, they are the ones creating extraordinary results for the customer.​

Whether it requires designing the right operating model or creating true flow in processes while also leveraging on new digital solutions - we make sure to get your people on board and enable them to focus on what matters. ​

Customer-centric operating models

Create real value for your customer through the right operating model​

Processes made fit for humans

Build processes fit for humans to make people grow and perform continuously

Digital End-to-End solutions

Leverage end-to-end solution through digitalisation and automation

Customer-centric operating models

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Customer-centric way of working

Accelerating a customer-centric way of working in your organisation while also mapping your customer journey and customer insights will better guide your improvement initiatives and create a lot more impact and value – for you AND the customer.

In Implement, we can support you in linking the customer experience to core value streams to increase your EBITA, building customer-centric capabilities through an outside-in perspective in all touchpoints, and so, transforming to customer centricity. ​

​Operating model transformation​

Operating Models describe how a company delivers on its value proposition(s). The popular diagnosis of a VUCA world got its ultimate confirmation with COVID-19. More than ever, it is key to have an Operating Model in place that is built for sustainable value creation.

At Implement, we consider the subsiding pandemic to be a good opportunity to revisit the current Operating Model, to evaluate new options on how to organise and how to lead Operations and, possibly, to initiate a transformation. All of this is demanding due to large scope and high complexity. However, it is often the transformation at that level that appears to be an art.​​

Operational agility​

Many operational setups are built to deliver products and services with main specifications remaining fairly constant. More and more, it becomes important to ensure a higher degree of local adaption to changing requirements. Operational Agility refers to solutions and principles coming from Development and translates them in Operations. How do we need to change in order to become much more able to adapt local work to changes within or outside of the organisation?

At Implement, we are experts in designing such tailored agile setups at an operational level. We do not only bring in proven methodology, but also put emphasis on changing behaviour.​​

Processes fit for humans

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Building a true process-focused organisation​

Creating transparency and consistency across the business enables organisations to sustain and continuously improve their ways of working. ​

At Implement, we are experts at developing process-focused organisations where one set of processes, one set of numbers, one way of managing and one way of improving is achieved through engaged end-to-end process ownership and a scalable enterprise process management system that connects processes, systems, data and people.​

Keith Svendsen, COO at APM terminals, on how 22,000 people can be engaged and empowered to work more efficiently.

Operations and performance management​

Business performance is heavily dependent on how operations are organised and led on the level where value is created on a daily basis. Operations & Performance Management entails all routines and tools deployed in order to drive local productivity, quality and delivery time. How do we manage resources and skills? How do we distribute work and collaborate? How do we measure and improve operational performance?

At Implement, we believe in the importance of the human factor in this. Using the right tools is not sufficient to succeed. It is key to create the right habits and behaviour at employee level and also among local leaders.​ ​

Digital End-to-End solutions

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Enabling digital business models through intelligent automation​

Customer expectations are changing more rapidly than ever. As a company, you are expected to provide a seamless end-to-end experience for every customer interaction. ​

Meeting these expectations requires a transition towards more digital and customer-centric business models where digital tools are applied to create digital, seamless and intelligent processes that cater for your customers’ need in the best possible way.​

At Implement, we are passionate about enabling full end-to-end digitalization of your business model. We are experts in a range of intelligent automation tools and have substantial experience in how you can apply a digital platform approach that makes your organisation fit for humans and fit for the future!​


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We are a diverse team of top-tier management consultants. We are a mix of business and operations problem-solvers, design-thinkers, and value creation experts with deep functional expertise and broad experience across industries and businesses.

We all work towards a common goal; to help your organisation excel and thrive throughout the process of solving the most complex, unknown, and worthwhile challenges you and your organisation may face.

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