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An accessories companyEstablishing an e-commerce supply chain

An accessories company and Implement Consulting Group

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The project: Establishing an e-commerce supply chain to service the European market

The client is an accessories company that wanted to insource and establish an e-commerce fulfilment centre, distribution setup and customer service organisation for the European market. This way, they wanted to establish a solid foundation for the future omni-channel journey.

The project was executed in monthly sprints and co-created with a team of functional experts in IT, commercial, operations and distribution.

  • E-commerce and retail fulfilment centre operations were maintained separately.
  • A new distribution setup, retail and e-commerce outbound and returns were established by executing the tendering process.
  • The project team collaborated closely and conducted training to establish a fully functional e-commerce customer service to serve all major local languages.

The impact: Establishing a solid foundation for the future omni-channel journey

The e-commerce supply chain was implemented in nineteen markets within eleven months. It was implemented in the first market in a six-month period and then expanded to eighteen additional markets in a five-month period.

As a result, a processing time of less than 24 hours for customer orders and returns was achieved.

The project also resulted in rapid (only 2 hours) induction and training of new workers for the fulfilment centre operations.

It also resulted in shipped on-time in-full performance of 98% for all e-commerce orders.

Furthermore, the project ensured that a customer care department was established to support all markets via email and phone.