Mini case

a pharmaceutical producer Nearly halving throughput time

A pharmaceutical producer and Implement Consulting Group

Helping a pharmaceutical producer address silo thinking and flow efficiency

The project

A leading European pharmaceuticals producer was challenged by silo thinking and several processes characterised by poor flow efficiency.

A project was launched together to establish an operational excellence programme. Key job order production processes were analysed, action areas identified and the ideal future process designed. In addition, seven employees were trained to become Lean masters to drive the programme going forward, and four huddle boards were implemented to ensure effective operational planning and a cooperative team spirit.

All key stakeholders were involved during an intense Kaizen sprint to develop and implement several key measures. The board of directors was trained and defined measures to improve leadership and change capabilities in the organisation.

The impact

  • Reduced throughput time by 40%.
  • Increased productivity by 15%.
  • Improved quality, planning and customer experience.
  • Sustainable Lean organisation with motivated Lean masters and stakeholders to drive the programme forward.