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A payment companyData governance aligns global invoicing processes

A payment company and Implement consulting Group
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Jane Ekgreen
Nicolai Steen Worziger

A payment company needed standard invoice processes and common digital solutions after a period of multiple acquisitions. High customer data quality, smooth data creation and maintenance processes combined with firm data ownership and responsibility were important for the foundation of an improved customer experience.


Define data standards for customer data and reference data and set up rules and processes for data ownership. The new process also required increased data governance competences to measure and monitor data quality and initiate activities to follow up on data issues and increase data quality issues.


  • Start with data standards and agree on “what good looks like”.
  • Agree on data roles and responsibilities and develop competences accordingly.
  • Focus on end-to-end processes to support smooth creation and maintenance processes.
  • Secure a permanent capability by parallel training and onboarding of internal resources.


  • Developed standards for customer data and customer hierarchies to support seamless invoicing and a single customer view.
  • Developed data governance setup and appointed data owners, data stewards and data operators.
  • Data quality increased by implementing process for measure and monitoring of data and by increasing data awareness in the business amongst data users and data providers.
  • Standardised data processes leading to more efficient creations and maintenance processes and increasing “first time right”.
  •  Secured a closer collaboration between business units by implementing an aligned data governance process and by training the organisation in the importance of impact focus and change management in project execution.
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