Case Study

A legal services providerUnlocking the potential of customer needs

A legal services provider and Implement Consulting Group

The project

The project was carried out in the service industry. It was a joint effort between sales and operations to better understand what the customer wants (where and when) and how this understanding could be implemented internally in order to inspire the customer.

First, the company made an interpretation order and prioritisation of customer segments and the customer journey. Then they recorded selected customer journeys and discussed them with various stakeholders to redefine the ideal customer journey. The necessary measures were implemented in sprints in the second step.

The impact

A better understanding of customer needs and how the customer interacts with the company brought the entire organisation closer together and enabled a common language.

Thanks to a visualisation of a selected target journey, everyone knows at a glance what is expected, which standards and service specifications apply and in what context the customer is currently located.

This not only helps to work more efficiently and purposefully internally but is also noticeable for the customer. For example, customers rewarded the adapted journey with an increase in customer satisfaction by approx. 10% after implementation of just half of the measures.