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A leading wholesalerPreparing for future growth

A leading wholesaler and Implement Consulting Group

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The project: Warehouse optimisation for a wholesaler in the construction industry

The client is a leading wholesaler in the construction industry facing significant growth. In order to prepare for the anticipated growth, they wanted to improve their warehouse performance management and establish a robust performance framework.

The project followed a warehouse efficiency phase, ensuring that automation system capabilities were established to improve performance. It focused on performance operations and established performance management and visual boards in the warehouse.

The impact: Improved warehouse performance management

The project resulted in the establishment of warehouse performance goals and KPIs, which were supported by visual tools to track development.

Furthermore, it enhanced performance management by implementing performance boards in the warehouse, daily team meetings and Lean adjustments in the packing area.

Also, the project ensured system optimisation resulting in a +40% improvement in picking performance compared to the beginning of the project.

It created demand projections for future warehouse capacity and defined the initial requirements for the need for warehouse expansion.