Mini case

A leading telcoDialling up efficiency

A leading telco and Implement Consulting Group

Helping a leading telco realise massive savings through a corporate Lean programme

The project

With constant pressure on revenues and growing technology investments, this telco decided to use Lean management as a strategic pillar to remain cost-competitive.

Based on experience from a Lean pilot, a corporate Lean initiative was defined to build internal Lean capabilities to drive a portfolio of end-to-end process improvements and ultimately to develop a mindset of continuous improvement throughout the organisation.

At the core of the Lean capability build-up, a corporate Lean Academy was set up to train, certify and coach internal Lean masters to be in charge of running identified Lean optimisation projects.

The impact

  • Lean projects with an impact of more than EUR 30m have been implemented, adding momentum to the Lean movement.
  • After advanced Lean trainings, more than 200 trained and certified Lean masters are actively driving Lean and Kaizen projects. And the training programme will continue to provide Lean talent to the organisation.
  • With top management support, the company was able to anchor Lean management in the organisation and successfully link it to their Agile transformation.