Case Study

A global manufacturing companyImproving the customer journey to support growth

A global manufacturing company and Implement Consulting Group

The project

A global manufacturing company wanted to improve the customer journey to maintain its leading market position in an increasingly competitive market.

All employees were engaged in workshops where they were given the opportunity to contribute using their knowledge to create a tangible improvement of the customer journey. In total, 50+ workshops were conducted in four countries across all business functions.

Subsequently, a global programme was launched for continuous improvement of the customer experience. The programme was integrated into daily operations with a clear prioritisation of critical touchpoints. The next step is to integrate the customer journey even closer with internal processes and decide on a governance model to make the new ways of working stick.  

The impact

The broad involvement and mapping of the customer journey impacted the internal culture and resulted in new ways of communicating about customers, their needs and experiences within business functions but even more so across business functions.

Results from the improvement of critical touchpoints have already materialised, and a minimum of EUR 3-6m in increased sales, reduced inventory costs and savings are expected to be realised within the next two years by focusing on what the customer really wants.

Large customers have expressed a great interest in the improvements made throughout the value chain. Several customers have also asked to use this internally for educational purposes.

Furthermore, several global projects on the customer journey theme have started – something that was considered impossible prior to this project.