Mini case

A global FMCG manufacturerSolid planning, greater opportunities

A global FMCG manufacturer and Implement Consulting Group

Helping a global FMCG manufacturer implement SAP IBP to establish solid planning capabilities and gain more customer opportunities

The project

The company was in the process of implementing a new ERP platform, but lacked a solid planning functionality.

The initial focus in the project was to build the core supporting planning functionalities for the process. Subsequently, a forecast consolidation and conversion to purchase planning was performed using SAP IBP.

Through close cooperation with SAP and the client’s IT department, a solid cloud-to-cloud integration solution for Dynamics 365 was created.

The impact

  • Forecast accuracy increased by 20%.
  • IBP was successfully implemented on top of Dynamics 365 for the first time in the world.
  • A new demand planning process based on a simple forecasting approach was designed and implemented.
  • A structured demand planning process was established, supported by a simple and solid system solution in IBP.