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A global business conglomerateData management strategy and implementation

A global business conglomerate
and Implement Consulting Group
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The context

In an initiative to improve efficiency and future growth scalability, the two companies within a global business conglomerate launched a programme to replace their legacy ERP systems with two new separate instances of the same ERP solution. A significant portion of the business case for the new ERP solutions was dependent on a significant improvement of data quality.

The approach

The project included the development of a data management strategy for the two companies, covering ownership, roles, processes, governance model, data standards, data lifecycles, data quality monitoring and data migration strategy from legacy ERP systems.

Implementation of the data management strategy covered role allocation, onboarding, coaching, establishment of learning forums, processes and governance model.

The project ensured close collaboration with ERP programmes to support and align activities related to data migration planning and data lifecycle configuration, including conformance with business rules and standard operating procedures.

The methodology

Derive focus and priorities from ERP business cases and ERP implementation plans and through this address data management capability through an entity-by-entity approach, securing focused efforts with timely and applicable results.
Early onboarding of data owners, securing active understanding and involvement as the basis for true accountability. Implement’s data governance framework was used as the basis for design and implementation of the data management strategy.

The impact

The project achieved full alignment with ERP programme plan until go-live and full implementation of the new data management strategy, which included establishment of:

  • Data standards
  • Data ownership
  • Data stewardship
  • Data governance forums
  • Data quality management, including quality and service KPIs