Case Study

A facility management network organisationDelivering an end-to-end workplace benchmark tool

A facility management network organisation
and Implement Consulting Group
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The project: Creating a tool to gain insights into satisfaction and benchmark across themes and organisations

A facility management network organisation wanted to provide its member organisations with better insight into the employees’ satisfaction with the internal facility management.

The purpose of the solution was not only to enable the member organisations to gain insight into the satisfaction of their employees but also to benchmark their satisfaction rate across various themes with other member organisations. Ultimately, the desire was to strengthen the facility management of the member organisations – approximately 200 Danish organisations.

Implement delivered an end-to-end solution consisting of:

  • An open-source survey tool allowing employees in the member organisations to submit survey responses
  • An administration tool to manage participating member organisations
  • A Power BI-based tool that made it possible to generate customised reports containing both results from the individual member organisation and benchmark results across all participants

The impact: Delivering an end-to-end solution

As a facility manager in a medium- or large-scale company, it is very important to understand how employees perceive the service you provide. This understanding enables organisations to improve the facility management service in the right areas and lastly improve the overall satisfaction among employees.

Overall, the solution Implement delivered helped the client:

  1. Attract new member organisations to the network due to the additional advantages provided
  2. Increase the satisfaction of the existing member organisations
  3. Strengthen the general facility management of Danish organisations