Case Study

A Danish public entityStreamlining Danish legislation using NLP

A Danish public entity
and Implement Consulting Group
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The project: Using natural language processing to streamline Danish legislation

A Danish public entity wanted to better integrate technical standards (such as ISO) into the Danish legislation. The aim was to help Danish companies more naturally obtain compliance and improve exports and help international firms easier report complaints and improve imports while at the same time helping them avoid labour-intensive investigations into Danish law.

What is...?

Working with natural language processing, you use artificial intelligence to analyse text and audio as data. Gaining the ability to analyse very large quantities of text fast, this method contains a huge potential for generating – and acting on – insights.

In this project, Implement collaborated with a Danish public entity and a Danish distributor of standards on identifying the best match between legislative documents and technical standards. Implement facilitated the reporting and natural language processing analysis of over 7,000 legislative documents and 500 technical standards to identify best matches.

The impact: Prioritisation of seven legislative areas to streamline with international technical standards.

As a result of the analysis, the project partners were able to make a prioritisation of seven legislative areas with the highest potential for streamlining through deeper integration with international technical standards. For each of the seven areas, the project identified exactly which technical standards were most relevant to each of the areas.

Furthermore, the project resulted in a complete analysis of Danish legislation, which ensured that the implementation of the technical standards would happen at the correct level and without overlapping with existing distinctions within the law.