Case Study

A Danish public agencyDeveloping a more experimental and data-driven culture

A Danish public agency
and Implement Consulting Group
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The project: Identifying and co-developing useful use cases of artificial intelligence

A public agency wanted to develop a more experimental and data-driven culture. The purpose of the project was to support a drive towards – among other technologies – artificial intelligence. Over the coming years, it is expected that the agency will be one of the leading agencies in artificial intelligence development in Denmark, and they wanted to start driving experience sooner.

Implement Consulting Group assisted the agency in identifying and co-developing useful use cases of artificial intelligence. Co-developing use cases was especially important to leave the client with useful solutions built and deployed by their own people and not just reinforce data science competencies and culture already existing in the agency.

The impact: Building the foundation for a data-driven culture

The result of the project was that the first wave of artificial intelligence-driven solutions was proposed, developed and tested at the agency. Several employees gained a strong foundation in data science and was able to independently identify, develop and deploy future data science solutions.

Furthermore, the agency developed concrete solutions around KPI measuring, machine-assisted guidance and screening programs based on modern artificial intelligence.

Finally, the project greatly developed the culture in the agency towards a data-driven culture, responsibly and based on ethical use of data, with a high degree of respect for the individual’s autonomy, choices and privacy.