Case Study

A Danish manufacturing companyReducing cost of footprint end-to-end

A Danish manufacturing company and Implement Consulting Group

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The project: Operational turnaround through new manufacturing footprint

The client is a Danish manufacturing company wanting to reduce the cost of their footprint end-to-end. At the same time, the client wanted to provide a vision for their manufacturing footprint with a selection and description of the future manufacturing network, including sites, capacities, capabilities, roles and business case.

The approach included:

  • Mapping of current manufacturing capabilities and capacity utilisation for all sites. Mapping and assessment of people capabilities and site roles across the footprint.
  • Definition of future growth at product and market levels and definition of future supply chain requirements (cost, lead time, quality etc.).
  • Definition and evaluation of relevant scenarios fulfilling the defined design criteria.
  • Building a business case and implementation roadmap, including board recommendation.

The impact: Reduction of manufacturing sites and internal flows

The project resulted in a 30% reduction of manufacturing sites and a 33% reduction of internal flows.

Furthermore, the project will reduce manufacturing costs by +20%, excluding materials, within 3 years.