Case Study

A Danish investment fundImplementation of an Azure data platform

A Danish investment fund
and Implement Consulting Group
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The project: Implementing a more scalable and robust data reporting solution

Over several years, a large Danish investment fund had developed a large number of “unarchitected” reports and dashboards for performance and risk management. The number of investments made by the fund is rapidly growing, and the fund therefore had a need for a more scalable and robust data reporting solution.

Together with the investment fund, Implement designed and implemented an Azure-based data platform by sourcing data from many different systems on premise as well as cloud systems and consolidating them on a common data platform (i.e. creating “one version of the truth”).

As part of the project, an enterprise data model and common data definitions were developed and stored in a data catalogue, and a data governance model was designed and implemented.

The impact: Preparing the client for future demands in data and analytics

After the delivery of a new data management framework and data platform, the investment fund is now prepared for future demands in data and analytics.

The project has enabled the client’s organisation to work in new data-driven ways as all data and reports are now discoverable and easily accessible to the employees.

The investment fund has matured its data and analytics capabilities by upgrading its data management resources and competences and by defining clear roles and processes for data management and data governance.