Case study

LinakTransforming production at speed

Linak and Implement Consulting Group


Sune Edmund Pedersen

Project objective

Make significant time and cost savings in switching from manual to automated production cells.


Linak is a global leader in linear actuator systems which are used in a wide variety of applications, from hospital beds to agricultural machinery.

The transition from manual to automated production is crucial for achieving the company’s aim of keeping a significant part of its production in Southern Denmark, where it is based. However, the time it was taking to execute the change cell-by-cell was severely compromising the ability to meet rising demand.

Realised impact

Using the Half Double methodology, Linak’s production is now able to get automated cells fully up and running 5 months faster than previously possible – a time-saving that equates to 2 million Danish kroner on the company’s bottom line.

The company is now rolling Half Double out throughout the organisation, by training its project managers to apply the core components of impact, flow and leadership in order to generate more time and cost savings.