Case study

DanfossNew products in the market in half the time

Danfoss and Implement Consulting Group


Project objective

Create an innovation lab that would support growth ambitions by enabling new products to reach the market faster.


Danfoss is an engineering heavyweight and a world leader within innovative refrigeration and air conditioning controls. Like any market-centric organisation, it is constantly aiming to increase the value it provides its customers. The innovation lab was created with the intention of designing and developing proven product concepts faster than ever before.

Realised impact

With cross-functional teams co-located in the same space, projects run intensively and effectively. Visual planning creates transparency and clarity, while fast prototyping and immediate feedback enables projects to progress at a constant tempo. New products now enter the market in half the time it used to take.

Danfoss is now bringing the principles to Half Double to other parts of the organisation, training its project managers to deliver projects faster and with greater impact outside of the innovation lab.