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An American automotive company A transformation programme designed to promote a customer-driven mindset

An American automotive company
and Implement 
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The project: On multiple occassions, the client has experienced challenges when it comes to deployment of transformation projects, including higher staff turnover, outsourcing of functions, etc., which has made it difficult to maintain progress and ensure relevant change and business readiness.

Implement was asked to provide support on the design of a programme that could re-energise the required change activities to ensure a successful deployment of a transformation project.

The initial phase of the project was spent on an X-ray approach to enhance the understanding of the current customer and end-user pains and future dreams related to this.

Several observations and recommendations were made in relation to the following key questions:

  1. How might we ensure that the transformation programme is aligned with the strategic ambitions and becomes the true business transformation it should be to ensure a best-in-class customer experience across OTC in the future?
  2. How can we re-design the programme to deliver the expected impact and continuous CX improvement within the environment of an ERP implementation?
  3. How might we ensure sufficient design, implementation and change capabilities within the transformation programme?

The impact: A new governance and delivery model was designed to drive an improved customer experience and organisational capabilities to accelerate impact on these dimensions.

Three steps were taken to ensure effective programme design and deployment:

  • The strategy and scope of the programme was revisited to reconsider key options and choices. The strategy should reflect a balanced understanding of strategic choices, echoing both internal and external conditions, incl. the voice of the customer, and lead to the definition of six guiding principles to steer decision-making.
  • Operating model change requirements were outlined to drive an aligned understanding of change drivers and benefit realisation by uncovering detailed changes to organisation, governance, processes and performance management.
  • The programme design included deployment and prioritisation criteria focusing on continuous CX improvement, dependency planning (to other programmes and projects), impact design and resource estimation, a technology deployment approach, governance and programme performance management and change management requirements and approach.