Business Performance Transformation

Driving end-to-end business performance transformation through finance, data and risk management

We help companies drive end-to-end business performance transformations through order-to-cash optimisation, integrated business planning, holistic performance management and other core disciplines within finance, data and risk.

Thorough finance, data and risk management will enable you to make fact-based decisions and anchor behavioural transformation, helping you drive business performance transformation with lasting impact.

End-to-end business transformation

Leading end-to-end initiatives to transform business performance across teams and functional areas.

Risk services

Developing a healthy risk culture to foster risk-based decision-making and optimal risk management.

Data services

Driving business impact through master data management, data strategy and –governance.

Finance services

Transforming finance functions through finance transformation and finance business partnering.

End-to-end business transformation

True business performance transformation with lasting impact does not happen in silos, but rather through end-to-end initiatives where cross-functional teams come together to create synergies and drive the business forward.

We are experts in driving end-to-end business transformation projects in a collaborative fashion that breaks down organisational silos and brings people together towards a common purpose of changing the business for the better. To us, that is the essence of change with impact.

Business performance management

Building effective and holistic performance management frameworks means linking strategic objectives to KPIs that drive the desired behaviour. It involves end-to-end capabilities from master data management and KPI selection to dashboard construction and performance governance.

Order-to-cash transformation

With our tried and tested framework, including methods, tools and templates for over-the-counter (OTC) optimisation, you can transform your OTC processes to create a better customer experience, improve process efficiency and reduce costs.

Integrated Business Planning

Leveraging commercial, operational and financial activities in your organisation and ensuring effective planning processes from corporate strategy to daily production planning starts with developing integrated business planning models.  


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Risk services

Risk perspectives should be integrated throughout your organisation, from strategy development and execution to financial and operational processes. Supporting quick and effective actions, reactions and risk-based decisions is the very core of risk management. That’s why we believe that risk leadership programmes with a strong focus on improving decision-making will help you develop a healthy risk culture across your organisation that will ultimately boost your business performance.

Risk awareness

Risk awareness is not just about risk reporting, it’s also about creating engagement in risk management across your organisation. Creating clarity around the purpose of risk management and tailoring your risk processes and tools will help you achieve real business impact.

Integrated risk management

Reducing silos and integrating risk perspectives in decision-making will help you get the most out of risk management. We believe the key lies in bringing risk offices closer together to bridge the gaps between strategy, finance, operations, investment, procurement and project execution planning and processes.

Governance, risk and compliance

Governance and compliance is not only a set of rules or standard procedures – it’s also about ensuring that people are fully engaged with new ways of working. Pressure around compliance and the associated costs and risks are increasing year by year. We can help you ensure an efficient governance, risk and compliance setup that is not only centred around the latest regulations but also focuses on people and behaviour.


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Data services

You can turn your data into a business enabler by implementing master data management and data governance. Focusing on anchoring new behaviour and implementing best-fit data solutions will help you ensure lasting, sustainable change. 

Master data management

We help organisations improve their master data quality and mature business processes that are supported by master data management.

Master data is the backbone of many business processes, and strong master data structures will help drive your organisation towards better and more data-based decision-making while also serving as a strong base for tracking business performance.

Data governance

A cornerstone of ensuring continuously improved master data quality is data governance. However, it is an area that is often disregarded when organisations start looking into their master data. An improved and simplified data governance setup tailored specifically to your organisation will ensure transparent use of data and create more efficient processes.


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Finance services

End-to-end optimisation and transformation of finance processes, performance management, integrated business planning and business finance capability assessments and training are all part of increasing your company’s overall business performance.


Finance business partnering

With the right competencies and training, finance professionals can build capabilities to become true business partners, choice-facilitators and agents of change.

Finance business partnering is all about driving business impact by transforming data into insights, utilising this knowledge to influence decision-making and build trusted partnerships.


Finance transformation

We assist companies with end-to-end finance transformation by optimising finance operating models through processes, systems and organisation.

Our team includes certified accountants and former finance directors who bring tried-and-tested methods and vast experience to ensure lasting impact in finance reorganisation and transformation projects.


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