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Bringing your brand to life

Put your brand at the heart of your business strategy and get real business impact

21 August 2018

Join us and explore how branding can help create a winning commercial strategy, thereby achieving real business impact.

The brand is more than marketing and advertising activities

Under the right conditions, your brand can empower strategy. It can align decision-making and behaviour. And it can provide meaning for employees and customers alike.

However, the brand must go beyond marketing and advertising in order to realise the full potential of the brand. It needs to be placed where it rightly belongs – at the heart of the business strategy. Only then can it provide direction. And only then can it provide agility through stability.

The brand with a clear and meaningful why, essence and a sharp edge needs to be operationalised and expressed in all functions, through all activities and in every touchpoint with the customer and employees. In other words, the brand will help define a winning commercial strategy, provide direction for efficient R&D and inspire employees to deliver the brand promise across all customer touchpoints.

From outdated to “Retailer of the year” – a brand transformation story

Recognising that the brand was on the verge of becoming irrelevant, Ann Christin Ruud, chain director of MATCH, put the brand at the heart of the new company strategy. MATCH worked with and redefined the brand, and thereby transformed its retail concept and business model, increased revenues by 29% and was awarded “Retailer of the year”.

Ann Christin Ruud will share her story on how MATCH transformed its business, and you will be introduced to methods and practical tools for defining, developing and bringing your own brand to life.

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Doors open and breakfast


Welcome and introduction


Introduction to the Brand Impact Model

Implement Consulting Group will share its perspective on what it takes to realise the full potential of a brand


Case: MATCH: From outdated to “Retailer of the year” – a brand transformation story

Ann Christin Ruud, chain director of MATCH, will share her experience and learnings on their brand transformation journey


Q&A and discussion


What is the state of YOUR brand?

Discussion in breakout groups based on a checklist provided by Implement Consulting Group


Summing up


Networking and lunch

Practical information


Implement Consulting Group
Munkedamsveien 35, 8th floor
0250 Oslo

21 August 2018
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
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The event is free of charge.