Better programme and financial planning

Banedanmark’s Signalling Programme

Review of supplier plans and internal planning procedures to improve accuracy of the collective programme planning and the derived financial forecasts.


December 2017


Christian Frantz Hansen


Banedanmark’s Signalling Programme was experiencing a range of challenges related to its planning processes and the accuracy of the derived financial forecasts. On behalf of Banedanmark, Implement Consulting Group completed a review of the Signalling Programme’s supplier plans, planning practices and the derived impact on the financial reporting and forecasting.

The main purpose of the review was to investigate whether:

  • The supplier plans/schedules fulfilled the requirements regarding their content as outlined in the contracts
  • The supplier plans/schedules were comprehensive and accurate enough to properly track project progress
  • Internal time schedules were updated continuously to include accurate and properly updated information
  • Changes to the time schedules, relative to the agreed baseline and last submission, were documented sufficiently to track deviations and the associated cause and effect
  • Payment milestones were fully incorporated in the supplier plans/schedules


In close dialogue with the client, Implement Consulting Group initiated a thorough review of the Signalling Programme’s planning processes with a clear focus on the current quality of the monthly supplier plans/schedules, as these are the foundation of the collective programme planning. Secondly, Implement Consulting Group provided insights into the current quality of the internal planning processes. Some of the key findings were:

  • The payment and planning processes were running in parallel with little alignment across the two
  • Planning cycles for the major projects were unaligned, which complicated the overall programme reporting
  • Internal progress reporting was unstructured (no standard format) and inconsistent across the major project
  • The contracts were not properly suited for the current planning purposes, e.g. contracts were outdated, milestones were poorly defined and/or missing


The review documented the current quality of the planning data across several major projects. Furthermore, the review improved the transparency of current planning processes across the programme and provided an improved foundation for the upcoming financial forecast.

Following the review, the Central Planning unit has instigated several initiatives to align planning practices across the projects. The new planning initiatives aim to support improved ways of reporting on the overall progress of the Signalling Programme while improving the overall correctness of the project plans.