Benefits Realisation

Benefits realisation or benefits realisation management is a well-proven method for designing and managing change projects, creating business cases and managing the portfolio to enable us to maximise value creation.

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Realise the benefits potential

Have you ever experienced that somewhere along the way, you lost track of the impact that your projects are supposed to deliver? To attain the desired benefits, we need a structured approach to benefits realisation.

It is possible to play on two different turfs when it comes to change projects

Either the change project is delivered without a structured approach to benefits realisation and will realise 20-40% of the benefits potential. In some cases nothing at all. Or you can make a small investment in time and money and apply a structured approach to benefits realisation, which makes it possible to realise about 80% of the project’s benefits potential.

The top 3 of benefits realisation:
  1. Start immediately. The business case for a structured approach to benefits realisation is too good to pass up.
  2. The projects will only be carried out if the benefit owner takes ownership of the benefits realisation.
  3. Do not stop the project until the change has been satisfactorily implemented.