Benefit realisation


December 2017



Are we getting the most out of this project in terms of value creation, benefits and impact?

This question was raised as part of a large-scale transformation project in a company. In order to obtain the maximum value, realise as many benefits as possible and optimise the project impact, it is critical to ensure the right focus throughout all project phases – and not just in the beginning when developing the business case and in the final stage when evaluating the project. However, the company struggled with establishing and maintaining the required focus across the organisation, and Implement Consulting Group was chosen to assist with the benefit realisation programme.



To ensure an optimal benefit realisation programme, key stakeholders were interviewed in order to identify relevant benefits and potential challenges and to design the benefit realisation initiatives. The initiatives were developed both by the functional area and within end-to-end processes in order to capture all benefits and ensure alignment with the functional strategies. In parallel to the interviews, the KPI baselines were determined in order to ensure the correct future measurement of comparison.

Based on the deliverables of each initiative, a monitoring framework was established to ensure monitoring in accordance with the desired/expected change in behaviour, customer and employee feedback and financial impact. Each of the stakeholders were held responsible for driving and measuring the benefits as part of their functional role and as part of the strategic development.


The benefit realisation programme enabled:

  • Benefits by improving functional and end-to-end processes and utilising capabilities enabled by the transformation project
  • Ownership in terms of driving and measuring benefits
  • Quantification of the tangible benefits contributing to a more robust business case
  • Identification of intangible benefits such as customer and employee satisfaction and a framework on how to work with these.