Delight your customer

– but in an efficient way!


September 2018


To win in the market you have to go beyond great products and services. You have to deliver exciting customer experiences. But that’s still not enough! The underlying processes must not be complex or expensive – they should be efficient. This is the only way that you can generate an outstanding customer experience that is also profitable for the company.

Have you ever faced an ambitious growth target while also having to increase profitability? When companies try to achieve this, we see two typical challenges:

  • Many companies have separated considerations when it comes to cost focus and customer focus. A pure cost focus strategy is not sustainable, and a pure customer focus strategy is not survivable.
  • Many companies are organised in a way, where process improvement falls under an operations perspective, whereas customer experience design falls under a sales and marketing perspective. These split perspectives prevent an integrated approach and force companies to prioritise between the two.

At Implement, we use the approach called “The Lean Way to Customer Experience”. It is a combination of Customer Experience Management and Lean Management, and this ensures that both perspectives are in focus.

With “The Lean Way to Customer Experience”, we can integrate these two worlds and generate important results: 

“The Lean Way to Customer Experience” differs significantly from ordinary Lean Management and Customer Experience projects. To succeed with this approach, it is worth considering the following:

  • A good team mix: Represent all affected areas in your team mix – from site management, sales, engineering, production and assembly etc.
  • Customer views: Interview representative customers at the start and after presenting initial ideas about the customer journey and the process.
  • Collaborative conversations: Document the entire customer journey and play it back using role play. You should play back the customer’s perspective with all customer touchpoints as well as the internal processes behind it. Record the role play of both perspectives.

Ensure true customer centricity in a Lean way!