White paper

Bridging strategy and operations

Building a future-proof operating model


March 2023

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The vast majority of today’s organisations still follow principles that date back to the ’60s

Gary Hamel, world-renowned author and thought leader

Megatrends drive companies to reconsider their strategy and to understand and redesign their operating model

Operating models need to respond to the new context in a world that is increasingly digital an volatile while stakeholders expect focus on sustainability.

Many companies face issues to adjust their business to be fit for the future

Challenges and opportunities
  • How do we grow and scale the business effectively?
  • How can we harvest synergies across business units or markets? 
  • How do we meet the increasing customer expectations?
  • How do we become better at innovating our services?
  • How can we improve our time to market?
  • How can we reduce bureaucracy and increase employee engagement?
  • What can we do to increase productivity and decrease cost?

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Download our white paper on bridging strategy and operations (16 pages) and learn more about how you build a future-proof operating model.

An operating model bridges strategy with operations by describing how to realise the strategic choices made by the organisation

The operating model design approach can be used to realise strategic choices across the entire organisation whether the need is enterprise-wide or in a specific business unit, function or department.

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