Agile organisations for real

Fit for humans, fit for the future

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In a world where change is a constant, more and more organisations recognise the power of agility as it impacts the way we strategise, organise and change.

We believe that developing agile organisations for real calls for more than organisational refinements, procedural adjustments or the addition of a few tools. Instead, leaders of the future must revisit the fundamental assumptions and embedded beliefs that organisations are built on, in order to reignite and reconnect with the inherent entrepreneurial DNA.

Many are already experimenting with ways to exploit the same advantages that start-ups benefit from, while aiming for more radical innovation, starting by nurturing an entrepreneurial culture as opposed to reacting to periodical crises.

Most large organisations will need to not only reinvent their business model to be fit for the future, but also rethink their management models in order to become fit for humans. This is an evolutionary development that holds extraordinary potential for unleashing talent, passion and innovation.

What’s the current state of play?

Our recent survey indicates a strong need for less bureaucracy among people of all ages and management levels. But what else can we learn about the challenges facing organisations today?

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