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We have a thing for old breweries. Located at the former site of the Ceres Brewery, our office in Aarhus replaces malt with a new brew of management consulting – one that delivers Change with Impact – just like our offices in Copenhagen which can be found in beautiful old Tuborg premises. 

Implement Consulting Group Aarhus opened its doors in November 2018 as our first official base in Jutland. So, we’re now even closer to our clients based on the Danish mainland, with locally residing colleagues on hand to share knowledge, experience and insights.

Collaborative consulting

Our unique approach to consulting is based on a firm belief in creating impact through collaborative consulting. We work with you, not for you. We’re your partner, not your supplier. Our clients get to work with consultants who have been singled out not only for their exceptional subject matter expertise, but also for the energy, engagement and creativity that they bring to any and all projects.

Our team in Jutland

We thrive on a culture of freedom and entrepreneurship with a strong focus on personal and team growth, all driven by flat hierarchies.The Jutland office is home to 50 Implement consultants and staff, all working to spark new ways of thinking and realise impact in client projects. We’re nerdy experts, dedicated to achieving mastery and becoming unparalleled practitioners. For us, this the only way to cut through complexity to arrive at simple solutions that will remain a reality.

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Implement Consulting Group P/S

Ceresbyen 75, 5. th.
8000 Aarhus C

T: +45 4586 7900
E: aarhus@implement.dk

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VAT no.: 32767788

Finding us

Implement Consulting Group P/S

Ceres Byen 75, 5. th.
8000 Aarhus C

T: +45 4586 7900
E: aarhus@implement.dk

Find us on Google Maps

VAT no.: 32767788

How do I get to the office?

If you are travelling by train, take the train to Aarhus H. From there, you can either walk (20 min.), take a taxi right outside the station or take bus 3A (towards Tilst) to the office. If you take the bus, get off at Ceresbyen (Aarhus Kommune).

If you are travelling by car, there is an underground car park (Q-Park) right underneath the office building. For more information, please see “Where to park?”.

The office is located on the fifth floor of the gold-coloured building by the intersection of Silkeborgvej, Viborgvej and Thorvaldsensgade. For navigation, steer towards Spar Nord, which is located on the ground floor and first floor of this building.

If you are travelling by bus or on foot, take the staircase along the building to get to the office entrance. At the top of the stairs, you will find the entrance to Implement on the left-hand side of the building.

Where to park?

You can park in the Q-Park underground car park (located at Ceres Allé 2) right below the building in Ceresbyen.
When you enter, keep to the right and drive to the bottom of the underground car park. From there, take the stairs up to Cerespladsen (it is the red staircase) and go towards Spar Nord. To the left of their entry, you will find the entrance to Implement.

If you choose to park on the streets, there is a 2-hour limit with a parking disc.

Please note: we do not pay for parking for our clients.