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A green energy providerDesigning a performance management model

A green energy provider and Implement Consulting Group

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Christian Frantz Hansen

The green energy provider that designed a sustainable performance management model

Launching a global shared service centre

To help drive the sustainable energy company into new markets across the globe, the company decided to consolidate its support activities into a shared service centre setup to ensure effective finance, procurement and HR support.

With the goal of ensuring that a multicultural and diverse workforce could assist local offices according to their respective business, compliance and regulatory needs, the sustainable energy company onboarded over 200 highly skilled specialists across seven locations around the globe.

The project: A growing need for global performance management

As the company grew, its future success quickly became intertwined with its ability to monitor, improve and drive performance in standardised work processes with a unified service delivery model across global offices.

A performance management model was needed to support new operational requirements and executive management’s bold strategic decisions to grow globally and achieve market leadership.

The approach: Linking strategic objectives to performance indicators

To ensure successful design and implementation of the new global performance management model, Implement engaged in a highly collaborative effort with the company’s Services Leadership team and other relevant specialists from the respective business areas.

Through a series of sprints structured around physical and virtual workshops, we collaboratively executed a six-step approach for designing a performance management model with clear ties to corporate strategy:

The six-step approach for designing a performance management system linked to the strategy

Going through the six steps, the company translated its corporate strategy into specific must-win-battles, which were then broken down in order to:

  • Define performance questions and desired behaviours and use these as a foundation for designing and selecting new performance metrics.
  • Set a clear link between strategic objectives and performance metrics.
  • Incentivise the desired behaviour through KPIs.
  • Cascade must-win battles down to departments and individuals.

The impact

As a result of the project, the company:

  • Defined the structure of performance review meetings and created an annual wheel for performance management in alignment with other business-critical activities.
  • Defined performance governance activities, including roles and responsibilities, to support the new performance review structure.
  • Aligned efforts across departments and individuals with visual, interactive performance dashboards.
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