Change with Impact


Set the right team

People (plural of Person from Latin persōna); a human being as distinguished from an animal or a thing.

Putting together the right team is crucial to a project’s success. Most organisations know this, but end up assigning the people who happen to be available – or those who have most project experience.


Change projects have the greatest chance of succeeding when the entire organisation is involved. A diverse team that consist of key stakeholders, who each have clearly defined roles that support project objectives. Such teams generate more input, greater commitment and ultimately more value – during as well as after the project is completed.

New standards for change with impact

Our way of working is guided by five principles: authenticity, importance, impact, energy and people. These principles set a new standard for creating change with impact. And they are a significant part of the concept of collaborative consulting.



  • Spot and spoil your core competent employees

    For the truth is that these are the employees we, as managers, often do not pay much attention to. We take their top performances for granted, while we turn our eyes towards the employees who shout the loudest.

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