Our company

Welcome to Implement Consulting Group

We are a Scandinavian-based management consultancy with global reach. We help organisations change – faster and with greater impact.

Companies and organisations respond to change all the time. To keep up with it, they innovate, transform and restructure. Huge amounts of resources are invested in such activities every year. At Implement, we want to make sure they are well spent.

Creating change with impact

We do not just help our clients manage change; we make sure it has the desired impact. To achieve this, we have redefined the approach to change. We combine analytical thinking and intuitive understanding. We balance hard-core theory with sensitivity to people and organisational dynamics. And last but not least, we engage the people who are actually involved in change. For almost 20 years, we have applied this approach to thousands of projects in public and private organisations across the world.

Our clients can expect:

  • Us to be passionate and take personal responsibility for creating impact together
  • To be challenged and inspired by senior consultants with leading-edge functional expertise
  • The change expertise and operational experience required to make fantastic solutions become reality

Having said that, we expect our clients to do exactly the same. We want you to inspire us. We want you to question the advice we give you and the solutions we suggest. And we want you to expect nothing but the best.

Implement is headquartered in Copenhagen, but has offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo and Zürich. With more than 550 consultants on board, we offer detailed market know-how from each of the Nordic countries, coupled with specialist expertise in a wide range of disciplines: 

If you want to find out more about our way of working, explore our approach and our five principles of implementation: Authenticity, Impact, People, Importance and Energy.

If you are looking for job openings, you are very welcome to check out our career page.