Change with Impact


Focus on impact

Impact (from Latin impāctus); Measure of the tangible and intangible effects or impression of one thing’s or entity’s action or influence upon another.

For a project to be a success, it needs to have an impact or a result. We devise plans to make sure we arrive at the right result. In many change projects, however, people tend to focus too much on following the plan, forgetting that plans are only the means to the end. The impact is what really matters.


Start by defining specific objectives – soft as well as hard – and establish a measurement system that allows you to measure your progress. If you’re not making progress, you can always adjust your efforts and activities to make sure you reach your target. That way, it’s the end result – the impact – rather than the way of getting there that directs your efforts.

New standards for change with impact

Our way of working is guided by five principles: authenticity, importance, impact, energy and people. These principles set a new standard for creating change with impact. And they are a significant part of the concept of collaborative consulting.


  • Change, facts and impact

    In a changeable world of management, full of acronyms and buzzwords, it is encouraging that there are, after all, concepts that have so much substance to them that they are as relevant today as they were 10 or 20 years ago.

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