Change with Impact


Create the right atmosphere

Energy (from Latin energīa); Measure of the ability of a body or system to do work or produce a change.

We tend to regard atmosphere as something that ‘just happens’ – and luck, karma or something equally indefinable will determine whether it’s good or bad, intense or indifferent. At Implement, we don’t believe in leaving atmosphere to chance.

Energy implementation principle

When it comes to change projects, you need to create the atmosphere that suits the project, adjusting it along the way so it always supports the results you wish to achieve. Serious, energetic, creative or contesting – whatever is most conducive to the task at hand.

New standards for change with impact

Our way of working is guided by five principles: authenticity, importance, impact, energy and people. These principles set a new standard for creating change with impact. And they are a significant part of the concept of collaborative consulting.


  • Engagement – a source of energy that never dries out

    Engagement means everything. Research shows that when we are engaged, our efficiency, productivity and value creation increase by a factor of 4 compared to a scenario where we “just” go to work with no other motivation than making a living.

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