Change with Impact


Inspire trust

Authentic (from Greek authentikos: ‘truthfulness, reliability’); genuine; true; trustworthy; reliable.

Most people are apprehensive when it comes to change. New ways of doing things make us unsure, even resistant; particularly if we don’t understand why or believe it’s worth the effort. The only way of ensuring that such feelings don’t get out of hand is to build trust in the project and the people running it. 

Authentic behaviour – being honest and straightforward  – is one of the most effective ways of building trust

But authenticity often means putting your authority, reputation or organizational stability on the line. Our advice? Do it anyway. Have the courage to reveal motives or admit to mistakes. Invest an extra effort in explaining why and clarifying uncertainties. To believe in change, people need to believe in you first.


New standards for change with impact

Our way of working is guided by five principles: authenticity, importance, impact, energy and people. These principles set a new standard for creating change with impact. And they are a significant part of the concept of collaborative consulting.


  • The authentic manager makes mistakes

    If, as a manager, you are brutally honest about a strategic change, you risk that parts of, or the entire basis for, the change is called into question, or that it becomes evident that there are things you do not know about the forthcoming change.

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