Change with Impact

Professional service companies

Develop lasting client partnerships and build the most talented teams

Auditing, legal assistance, consultancy services, financial help, technical support – whatever professional services you offer, your success depends on your ability to build trust and deliver relevant and visible results for your clients.

Professional service companies

Clients demand measurable impact from the services they buy. They also want to know how your company and the services you offer are different from the rest. It is difficult to demonstrate unique technical expertise through products alone. A professional’s attitude and the way your team interacts with clients both have huge impact on the client’s perception of the value they get from doing business with you and your firm.

As the leader of a professional services company, you are responsible for attracting and retaining highly ambitious professionals and making sure that they know how to work with clients in an inclusive and collaborative way.

At Implement, we specialise in helping leaders of professional services companies set direction, stimulate engagement and ensure execution. We can help you develop strong teams and a balance between an ambitious professional’s need for independence and the firm’s need for teamwork. We provide hands-on training in how to build unique client partnerships while strengthening your staff’s ability to build trust and truly collaborate with your specific clients.


  • Service Operations

    How to improve Service Operations for the benefit of customers, employees and the company. In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of service companies, private as well as public, invest considerable resources in professionalising/strengthening operations in their organisation – seeking to increase efficiency in the company’s “engine room”.

  • The manager’s role in the customer-oriented service company

    From manager in a service organisation to operations manager of service production. Demands for increased productivity and increased customer focus may render it necessary for the manager/team leader to develop other management competences.

  • The Missing Link

    Every day, the media feature stories of customers experiencing how organisations – both private and public – fail to live up to their service promises. This may seem uncalled for, since considerable resources are spent on both designing these services and operating an efficient service delivery.

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