Change with Impact

Private equity

Superior value creation is about creating alpha – nothing else

The financial crisis has changed the conditions for private equity. This calls for a new mindset that prioritises strategic and operational improvements.

Private equity

Market growth and debt optimisation can no longer contribute significantly to increasing the value of portfolio companies. Consequently, improving value creation through real strategic and operational improvements (‘alpha’) has become the key to success within private equity.

At Implement, we believe that this mindset has to be reflected in all aspects of the private equity life cycle. From fund raising over target screening, due diligence, active ownership to final exit. We also believe that creating alpha involves more than appointing the right CEO or choosing the right board members.

We have a long track record of helping Nordic private equities make the right choice of portfolio companies and taking them to the next level. Applying strategic perspectives and deep functional competences, we have the expertise to support all phases of the ownership cycle.