Change with Impact


Designing welfare solutions for the future

Municipal organisations strive to balance cost effectiveness with the demand for innovative welfare solutions.


Danish municipalities are in a period of transition, experiencing huge transformations internally as well as externally. Their organisations have become professionalised and far more innovative. And they face increasing cost pressure on public services, fast-changing legislation and reform initiatives.

Over the past 10 years, Implement has helped Danish municipalities deal with these changes. Working closely with their staff, we have developed welfare solutions and designed implementation processes to ensure effect and track impact. Drawing on a range of tested methods, we customise solutions to meet the needs of the individual municipality. We also help municipalities share knowledge across municipal borders to maximise resources, extend best practice and stimulate the development of innovative welfare solutions.

More than half of Denmark’s municipalities (the light areas of the figure below) have chosen Implement Consulting Group.


Featured clients

Business case culture at Copenhagen Citizen Service
Development of business case culture
Copenhagen Citizen Service is spearheading a large number of digitisation projects in the City of Copenhagen, where there is a demand for more efficient work procedures. In cooperation with Copenhagen Citizen Service, Implement designed a training programme where we worked with the method on actual cases, thus anchoring and ensuring ownership of the method in Copenhagen Citizen Service.