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Life sciences

Boost efficiency in development, marketing and operations

To maintain a competitive advantage in life science, you need to constantly nurture your innovation pipeline and improve your commercial and operational efficiency.

Life sciences

Life science is a complex and highly competitive industry. Companies struggle with issues such as pipeline management, cost containment, risk management, pricing pressure, healthcare reforms, industry consolidation, patent expiration, compliance etc.

The clue to success in life science is to find a way of bringing better and cheaper products faster to market. That is obviously not as simple as it sounds. But the first thing to do is to ensure efficiency in R&D, Sales & Marketing and Operations.

At Implement, we have extensive experience in delivering efficiency gains for life science companies. We have worked closely with biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and drug distribution companies – and know what it takes to achieve a competitive advantage in this industry.


  • Seven things you should know about differentiation

    How to improve revenue and profitability without adding more resources. Globalisation and technological development drive commoditisation; this combined with increased competition puts pressure on prices and profitability.

  • Performance Management – Breaking the code

    How the right performance metrics can drive profitability in your organisation. In the changing world of management, full of acronyms and buzzwords, it is encouraging that, after all, there are still concepts with so much substance to them that they are just as relevant today as they were 10 or 20 years ago. However, they are often underestimated – perhaps because they are so obvious.

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