Change with Impact

Government and governmental institutions

Promoting change and efficiency in the governmental sector

Governmental institutions have a number of predefined tasks to carry out. Our consultants help to understand, prioritise and handle them efficiently.

Government and governmental institutions

We have worked in the governmental sector for many years and have a deep insight into its complexities and challenges.

Working closely with individual institutions, we help them optimise operations and introduce new and more efficient ways of working. Our projects typically include redefinition of services and workflows to make sure they meet citizen needs; breaking down silo thinking to stimulate synergies across departments; mapping operations to create overview of processes and expenditures.

Our comprehensive analyses include key aspects such as short and long-term strategic goals, resource management, digitalisation and organisational development – and they are used for creating a solid foundation for decision-making. But they are also used for creating the necessary incentive throughout the organisation to realise change with impact.

How do we get greater efficiency combined with a growing demand for innovation? (the video contains both English and Danish content)


Featured clients

The Capital Region of Denmark
Developing leadership in health care
Better service, higher quality of patient care at lower costs and with balanced budgets. It sounds too good to be true, but that is actually what the Capital Region of Denmark achieved through one of the most extensive leadership development programmes ever conducted in Scandinavia.
Business case culture at Copenhagen Citizen Service
Development of business case culture
Copenhagen Citizen Service is spearheading a large number of digitisation projects in the City of Copenhagen, where there is a demand for more efficient work procedures. In cooperation with Copenhagen Citizen Service, Implement designed a training programme where we worked with the method on actual cases, thus anchoring and ensuring ownership of the method in Copenhagen Citizen Service.
The Danish Prosecution Service
Lean as a lever for transformation
Since the police reform came into force, the Prosecution Service has been in the process of a comprehensive transformation towards a completely new way of thinking and working – combining an extremely high level of legal expertise with efficient operations management and a new management paradigm