Change with Impact

Financial services

Increase profitability without compromising customer trust

Just as companies in other sectors have optimised their customer experience, financial services companies are learning that product is no longer the key differentiator. They must find new ways to stay ahead.

Financial services

As financial services companies emerge from the crisis, they find that the landscape in which they operate is very different. Increased focus on regulation, compliance and risk drive business and operational change, while new technologies increase customer demand. At the same time, customer experience and rebuilding customer trust are key to sustainable competitive advantage.

All of these areas demand focus and it is putting operating structures under pressure: the business case, the culture, operational excellence and the ability to coordinate enhanced customer experience across all touch points all come into play.

At Implement, we can help you achieve significant improvements in efficiency and a stronger market position. We work closely with companies in all financial services industry sectors and know what it takes to build a competitive advantage.


  • Improving Service Operations benefits customers and employees

    In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of service companies, private as well as public, invest considerable resources in professionalising/strengthening operations in their organisation – seeking to increase efficiency in the company’s “engine room”.

  • The manager’s role in the customer-oriented service company

    Demands for increased productivity and increased customer focus may render it necessary for the manager/team leader to develop other management competences. There might be advantages if the repertoire includes more of the operations management disciplines where continuous prioritisation of tasks and the employees’ time consumption are given pride of place.

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