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Energy, oil and gas

Investments create complexities – energy companies must learn to manage both

New technologies, depleting oil and gas and the urgent need for renewables drive the energy industry’s major investments. But they must manage these investments efficiently to achieve profitable and operational excellence.

Energy, oil and gas

The winners in the energy, oil and gas sectors will be those who perform better, faster and more efficiently. At Implement Consulting Group, we accelerate project processes and develop portfolio management to help you focus on critical projects. We develop focused market strategies so you can handle more customers and growth opportunities. And we sharpen up HR to help you attract, develop and retain key energy, oil and gas experts.

The result? Your strategy and operations are fully optimised and ready to handle tomorrow’s challenges.


  • Put all your eggs in one basket

    In dynamic business environments, innovation and development are often key capabilities that are needed to take advantage of the opportunities provided by changing conditions.

  • The Speed Dilemma

    Can we establish a way of working that encompasses both effectiveness, speed and discipline and yet at the same time fosters creativity and energy?

  • Business model innovation in the energy sector

    DONG Energy decided that one of the means to differentiate in the market would be through what would be known as the Climate Partnership concept.

  • Seven things you should know about differentiation

    Creating a differentiated market position and thereby the ability to charge premium price over competition is only possible by improving the customers’ perception of the value delivered to them.

Implement Consulting Group
  • Building a Leadership Brand

    A company with a leadership brand inspires faith that employees and managers will consistently make good on the firm’s promises.

Harvard Business Review

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DONG Energy Wind Power
More wind energy at lower costs
DONG Energy Wind Power is the market leader within offshore wind energy and has the largest portfolio of offshore wind farms in Northern Europe. By reducing costs, improving quality of delivery and ensuring optimal time frames, DONG Energy Wind Power has managed to substantially improve their offshore wind farm agreements.