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Energy is changing – we help you strategise and plan ahead without relying on fortune telling

At Implement, we help all parts of the energy and utilities sector to trim organisations, build better asset management and procurement, accelerate projects and PMOs and formulate market strategies built for growth in an unpredictable future.

The sector is changing

The energy and utilities industries are changing. Renewables are reaching grid parity and challenging the market dynamics. Deregulation and an abundance of data from sensors and smart meters invite new competition and business models. New technologies promise circular reuse of materials and storage of energy. Attracting and developing the right skills is a challenge of its own – not least to small and mid-sized players. This transforms the energy and utilities sector, and to stay ahead existing players in the market need to perform their best in three key areas:

  • Set an ambitious winning aspiration and translate it into fresh ideas
  • Engage your organisation in a quest for innovation with real business impact
  • Manage assets for higher productivity and reduced risk

Whether you are trying to break into the market from the outside, or you are an established incumbent player, do not rely on what you know. Rely on your ability to challenge, explore and respond.

We join your team as change drivers

At Implement, we work with clients in all parts of the energy and utilities sector. We help you trim organisations, build better asset management and procurement, accelerate projects and PMOs and formulate market strategies built for growth. But we do not promise to deliver ultimate answers to all your long-term strategic questions. In the current energy and utilities market, we do not believe that strategies can be built on predictions about the future.

Instead our team of industry, strategy and change experts will join you and your teams as change drivers, working with you and asking the right questions, finding the best possible answers and embracing change. We are just as nerdy as you are – but we are also experts in mobilising your creative and strategic capacities, achieving results that are truly your own.

Below you can find a small selection of our cases and viewpoints.


  • Put all your eggs in one basket

    In dynamic business environments, innovation and development are often key capabilities that are needed to take advantage of the opportunities provided by changing conditions.

  • The Speed Dilemma

    Can we establish a way of working that encompasses both effectiveness, speed and discipline and yet at the same time fosters creativity and energy?

  • Business model innovation in the energy sector

    DONG Energy decided that one of the means to differentiate in the market would be through what would be known as the Climate Partnership concept.

  • Seven things you should know about differentiation

    Creating a differentiated market position and thereby the ability to charge premium price over competition is only possible by improving the customers’ perception of the value delivered to them.

Implement Consulting Group
  • Building a Leadership Brand

    A company with a leadership brand inspires faith that employees and managers will consistently make good on the firm’s promises.

Harvard Business Review

Featured clients

DONG Energy Wind Power
More wind energy at lower costs
DONG Energy Wind Power is the market leader within offshore wind energy and has the largest portfolio of offshore wind farms in Northern Europe. By reducing costs, improving quality of delivery and ensuring optimal time frames, DONG Energy Wind Power has managed to substantially improve their offshore wind farm agreements.