Change with Impact

Consumer goods and retail

Let superior operations, strategy and marketing outshine your competitors

With customer needs and drivers as your focal point, you can move from a product-transaction mindset to a customer-centric approach and close the value gap to beat the competition.

Consumer goods and retail

A winning position requires more than a differentiated value proposition. With customers driving future revenue, it is crucial that consumer goods companies within wholesale and retail understand the marketplace, their customers’ needs, and how to align and structure the organisation and its processes to deliver on those needs.

At Implement, we can help you apply:

  • Deep insights into the retail market, shoppers and consumers
  • Intuitive and analytical thinking to explore strategic options
  • The know-how to match your strategy with the level of uncertainty you face
  • Flexibility through an adaptable plan and a streamlined organisation

Any consumer goods, wholesale or retail company can create a profitable growth strategy

This does, however, require that you connect your strategy and business model to your commercial and operational initiatives. In practice, this requires:

  • The right mindset and a united front for change
  • Involvement and relevance to the individual rather than just telling and selling
  • Dissemination and implementation of strategic choices from day one to all levels to create momentum and keep the strategy alive
  • Alignment of structures, competences and processes with the strategy
  • Relevant management and KPI structures to be in place

We help your business change with impact and put all of this into practice to build and secure profitable growth.

Implement works with companies in these subsectors: automotive, consumer durables, textiles and fashion, groceries retailing, FMCG, consumer services, transportation, media and telecom.


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