Change with Impact


Consumer goods and retail

Let superior operations, strategy and marketing outshine your competitors

With customer needs and drivers as your focal point, you can move from a product-transaction mindset to a customer-centric approach and close the value gap to beat the competition.

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Industrial goods and services

Successful growth in the face of global demand and market uncertainty

To beat the competition on market share and earnings, industrial companies need high speed and flexibility in all operations.

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Health sector

Effective change in the health sector

Raising the standard of health and delivering health services that are of better quality. All within a limited budget. That is the challenge the Danish health sector is facing. We provide solutions that can help steer this sector in the right direction.

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Designing welfare solutions for the future

Municipal organisations strive to balance cost effectiveness with the demand for innovative welfare solutions.

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Government and governmental institutions

Promoting change and efficiency in the governmental sector

Governmental institutions have a number of predefined tasks to carry out. Our consultants help to understand, prioritise and handle them efficiently.

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Life sciences

Boost efficiency in development, marketing and operations

To maintain a competitive advantage in life science, you need to constantly nurture your innovation pipeline and improve your commercial and operational efficiency.

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Financial services

Increase profitability without compromising customer trust

Just as companies in other sectors have optimised their customer experience, financial services companies are learning that product is no longer the key differentiator. They must find new ways to stay ahead.

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Energy and utilities

Energy is changing – we help you strategise and plan ahead without relying on fortune telling

At Implement, we help all parts of the energy and utilities sector to trim organisations, build better asset management and procurement, accelerate projects and PMOs and formulate market strategies built for growth in an unpredictable future.

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Education and research

Helping institutions of higher education and research reach new targets

Universities and colleges play a key role in ensuring a high level of competitiveness in society. But they are experiencing the impact of mergers, increased student intake, tight budgets and ambitious targets. Implement Consulting Group has helped them tackle these challenges.

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Professional service companies

Develop lasting client partnerships and build the most talented teams

Auditing, legal assistance, consultancy services, financial help, technical support – whatever professional services you offer, your success depends on your ability to build trust and deliver relevant and visible results for your clients.

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Private equity

Superior value creation is about creating alpha – nothing else

The financial crisis has changed the conditions for private equity. This calls for a new mindset that prioritises strategic and operational improvements.

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Police and justice

Modernise and optimise – for a better police and justice system

The Danish Ministry of Justice must think, govern and manage – and ensure efficient, coherent operations in all parts of the organisation. This is a substantial undertaking that requires operations to be fully optimised.

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