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Transformational growth

Spot the next big thing and design your business models to become your engine of growth

Exploiting new opportunities for growth requires deep customer insights and a fresh look at the components of your business model. Tweaking existing products and services will merely bring you incremental returns, while winning growth strategies are powered by the will to rethink business models.

Transformational growth

Successful companies must master the art of optimising the existing core business while at the same time discovering new growth opportunities outside the core. History shows that no competitive advantages are sustainable forever. Think of once great companies such as Kodak, Nokia and Blockbuster.

Using our unique methodology that combines analytical rigour with innovative thinking, Implement Consulting Group helps you to explore new growth opportunities. Based on deep customer understanding and market insights, we support your discovery and testing of a range of growth options, and we help you to design step-by-step implementation to secure maximum efficiency and low time to market.

Featured clients

Maersk Line
Opening up a new route to the high end
Maersk launched the Daily Maersk service in 2011 to change the rules of the game in the highly conservative shipping industry. The new business model was designed to tackle three fundamental industry challenges: unreliability, environmental impact and complex services.
Smart choices in uncertain times
The Danish electric mobility operator CLEVER A/S has turned traditional strategic thinking upside down to overcome challenges in an immature industry and to pave the way for the mass-market breakthrough of the electric vehicle.


  • Business Model Innovation Viewpoint

    Short-term competitive advantage is created by exploiting existing business models. However, in the long term, all markets mature, competition intensifies and turbulence increases. Consequently, new sources of growth must be explored, and fresh answers to enduring success must be found.

  • Seven things you should know about differentiation

    Globalisation and technological development drive commoditisation; this combined with increased competition puts pressure on prices and profitability. How do you increase revenue and profitability with the constraint of keeping investments and costs at the same level or even lower than today.

  • Business model innovation in practice

    To succeed in innovation and to seize new opportunities, the scope of innovation must be expanded to encompass the full business model, and new processes must be mastered.

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