Strategy development

Sharpen the strategic choices

Strategy is not complex. The best strategies are simple because of their insightful and clearly articulated choices about the future. But making choices and executing the strategy is hard.

Strategy development

A winning strategy is an integrated set of choices that collectively position your company in the industry. It is the key to creating a competitive advantage in relation to competitors and delivering superior financial returns.  Your strategy must clearly articulate your winning aspiration – where you will play, how you will win and what capabilities as well as management systems must be in place. Moreover, your choices must effectively cascade all the way from the corporate level through business units to the individual level to empower all stakeholders to make the right choices.

Implement Consulting Group supports your strategy process through balancing intuitive and analytical thinking when designing alternative strategic options. We use  fact-based tests to validate the strategic choices. And we make sure that the winning strategy cascades to all levels of the organisation to make the strategy live every day and create momentum.

Implement recently co-hosted a strategy session with Roger Martin in New York with the purpose of reinforcing Playing to Win.

Featured clients

Smart choices in uncertain times
The Danish electric mobility operator CLEVER A/S has turned traditional strategic thinking upside down to overcome challenges in an immature industry and to pave the way for the mass-market breakthrough of the electric vehicle.
Maersk Line
Opening up a new route to the high end
Maersk launched the Daily Maersk service in 2011 to change the rules of the game in the highly conservative shipping industry. The new business model was designed to tackle three fundamental industry challenges: unreliability, environmental impact and complex services.


  • Making real strategic choices

    As a business leader, a key task is to facilitate the creation of a shared aspiration and strategic direction for the organisation. Without a well-crafted strategy in place, the organisation is merely a collection of people pursuing individual goals, guided by what the organisation did yesterday.

  • Corporate theatre or real strategy?

    There’s a common belief that strategy happens at management level, leaving everybody else to take care of the execution. The reality is that execution involves a series of key choices that are just as important as the strategic choices

  • 5 things we should consider when strategising

    Albert Einstein couldn’t have put it better when he said: “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.” At Implement, we have embarked on a journey to make strategy simpler, more engaging and more effective.

  • New times – new strategy processes

    Established industries in many western countries have reached the peak of their life cycle and are challenged by significant structural changes and/or international companies that are better equipped to succeed in their respective markets.

  • Strategic agility

    Turbulence is here and is here to stay. Any attempt to ignore it will be futile. The way forward is to embrace the opportunities in turbulent environments and build an agile organisation.

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