Strategy and transformation



  • Making real strategic choices

    As a business leader, a key task is to facilitate the creation of a shared aspiration and strategic direction for the organisation. Without a well-crafted strategy in place, the organisation is merely a collection of people pursuing individual goals, guided by what the organisation did yesterday.

  • From strategic intent to business impact

    Making strategy work is one of the greatest challenges of management. In fact, no strategy is stronger than the weakest link in the chain between insightful strategic ideas to front-line actions. Based on our experience within strategic transformation, we have shaped five guiding principles that will help your organisation design a strategy implementation model to bridge the gap between strategy and impact.

  • Corporate theatre or real strategy?

    There’s a common belief that strategy happens at management level, leaving everybody else to take care of the execution. The reality is that execution involves a series of key choices that are just as important as the strategic choices – leading to a better design and a better chance of success.

  • Strategy as design, not problem-solving

    At Implement Consulting Group, we recently co-hosted a strategy session with Roger Martin in New York. It was designed as a “learning lab” that brought together executives from some of the largest US and Scandinavian companies to discuss how to rethink and improve the way that companies make strategic choices.

Implement Consulting Group

Featured clients

Alm. Brand
Strategic choices for the future of Alm. Brand
During 2016, top management put focus on the future of Alm. Brand. While the turbulence in the financial markets naturally increases the need for agility and adaptability, it stood to reason that the organisation should have a long-term perspective and that the basic assumptions needed to be challenged, debated and tested. Alm. Brand needed to define the future.
Putting the customer first in a global organisation
In a large and complex global organisation like JYSK, a key enabler for linking together the different strategic levels in an integrated cascade has been the ability to focus. “Customer first” has contributed to creating a common language across the organisation and resulted in new fruitful conversations about customers at all levels and across countries, creating an even stronger global brand and organisation.
Maersk Line
Global Sales Transformation
Maersk Line is fundamentally changing the conversation with its customers as a key enabler in producing top-tier performance in a tough market. Maersk Line divisions all over the world have already noted behavioural changes in key areas. Several improved business impact cases, where both customers and Maersk Line realised more value, have been documented.
Smart choices in uncertain times
The Danish electric mobility operator CLEVER A/S has turned traditional strategic thinking upside down to overcome challenges in an immature industry and to pave the way for the mass-market breakthrough of the electric vehicle.

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