Change with impact

Procurement as a driver of business change

Procurement – the new change agent

We propose a new agenda for Procurement: Elevate this unit from a designer of contracts to a driver of business change.

Procurement as a driver of business change

When a new contract is drafted, Procurement should take responsibility for the changes it implies. Turning words on paper into practice.

A new contract will have an impact throughout an organisation. But the various departments affected rarely have the competences – or time – to implement the new initiatives correctly. Since Procurement is responsible for drafting, negotiating and closing the contract, it makes good sense to let them drive the behavioural, process and system changes involved in its implementation. That way, they can make sure the new contract creates the value intended.

At Implement, we provide the principles, process and skillset to prepare Procurement for this new role.

How can you reduce indirect spend? Watch the video below.

Featured Clients

Danske Spil
Winning a significant market share
Winning a significant market share: An effective procurement strategy and process followed up by a Lean implementation carved out a substantial piece of the Danish online gaming market for Danske Spil – within the first year.


  • Solution Buying® – Sourcing for impact

    Buying is selling, only reversed. The core focus of procurement has always been costs – managing and driving down external costs, as reflected in the typical KPI for procurement of % annual savings.

  • The Whole Brain Negotiates

    If you encounter conflict from across the table in a negotiation, it could be caused by your own behaviour! While this might be a bold statement, it is often true in corporate negotiations.

  • Deriving business value from cost allocation and portfolio management

    If cost allocation drives procurement behaviour then a lack of cost allocation may lead to suboptimal demand. Effective control and execution of the cost allocation process pave the way for efficient demand management.

  • Implement Procurement Maturity Model

    The Implement Procurement Maturity Model is a solid platform for identifying improvements and prioritising future procurement initiatives and projects in your company.

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